Fast and Reliable Identity Verification for Ghana

Know who your customers are in seconds as you confirm the validity of documents, images and identities in real-time.

Identity verification for Ghana
Identity verification

One Platform, For You to Validate Millions of Identities. enables Ghanian businesses to onboard users, run background checks and prevent fraud online via the web portal or directly from your application via APIs. The best solution for identity verification for Ghana.

Identity verification

From government records to financial and biometric data to physical addresses, we have all the solutions you need to confirm who you can trust online and offline.

Document Verification

Identity verification

Crosscheck a wide range of identity documents in Ghana to meet your KYC requirements. We scan for accuracy of format and details so no fake or photoshopped document bypasses your security level.

By authenticating valid ID documents, you can be sure that genuine customers are filtered from the fraudulent, so you can focus on what truly matters – growth.

Biometric Verification

Identity verification

Prevent Identity theft and impersonation, onboard customers easily and improve user experience as you check for physical movements or capture facial images.

We combine machine learning & artificial intelligence to match the right individuals to the right identity record, helping you meet high-quality KYC standards in real-time.

Certified and Trusted to Meet all your KYC and AML Requirements from Ghana’s Industry Regulators

Identity verification for ghana

Built to Satisfy Every Use Case

From customer acquisition to user onboarding to employee verification, offers comprehensive identity verification for Ghana, engineered specifically for the country’s unique landscape. With our solution, you can prevent fraud, ensure compliance with local laws, and grow your business quickly and securely.

Financial Services

Open new accounts anywhere, sign up customers speedily and ensure secure transactions with total compliance.

Identity Verification
Identity verification

Human Resource/Outsourcing

Eliminate ghost workers and verify a new hire’s documents, address and history so only the best employees get the job and stay there.


Save time as you ensure goods and services get delivered by legitimate drivers to accurate locations.

Identity verification
Identity verification


From age verification to online prescriptions, match the right patients with the right records to prevent medical fraud and provide better services.


Provide a secure process for farmers and consumers to register assets and access better services by validating ID records across the food chain.

Identity verification
Identity verification Identity verification Identity verification



As a fintech company, Bamboo requires customers to submit a National Identification Number (NIN) and Bank Verification Number (BVN), on signup. These two forms of identification are unique to each Nigerian. By authenticating these details in real-time, we solved the problem of dual identities, which Bamboo was facing, helping to process over 5,000 signups monthly.



By utilising both the NIN and International Passport details, Aella Credit is able to verify their customers’ identities in a matter of seconds, as opposed to days. enables Aella Credit to accurately verify the identity of its customers and assess their creditworthiness, thereby minimising the risk of loan defaults and ensuring the financial stability of the company.


Financial Institution enables First Bank of Nigeria to facilitate financial inclusion by verifying the identities of Nigerians who want to open accounts anywhere in Nigeria. Using our API, First bank went from getting their identity verification results in 24 hours to seconds. This was a big milestone for the company as it ensured a faster onboarding process almost overnight.

Competitive Pricing that fits your Growth Plan

The easiest KYC solution to Integrate

We make our boast about the simplicity of our API documentation and no-code portal. Your developers will love it.

Ready to Build Trust in Ghana?

Create a free account to start verifying identities in seconds. Our sales team is also available to get your team integrated into our APIs in minutes.

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