Expert Perspectives on Driving Business Growth and Innovation in Africa

Expert insights on growth and financial innovation inclusion in Africa

Africa’s business landscape is evolving rapidly, presenting unique opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs, employees, and industry leaders. In this editorial roundup, we share summarised perspectives from five esteemed professionals who delve into marketing strategies, career growth, data protection, market expansion, and the future of financial inclusion. Join us as we unveil a deeper understanding of […]

The Verified Gazette – Newsletter, April 2023

Verified Gazette

In this excerpt from the latest edition of our newsletter, we share exciting product updates and insightful content for the month of April 2023. Remember when we talked about our new pricing model? Well, we’ve been hard at work since then, fueled by your feedback and determined to enhance your experience. And guess what? The […]

Face Match Engine: The AI-Powered Solution for Identity Verification

Face Match Identity Verification Africa

Picture this: You’re in a rush to open a new bank account, and you’ve been waiting in line for what feels like forever. Finally, it’s your turn, and you hand over your ID for verification. But instead of a quick scan, the teller takes a closer look, asks you to remove your glasses, and tells […]

5 Best Practices for Identity Verification in Africa: A Guide for Product Managers

Best practices for Identity Verification In Africa

Identity verification is an essential component of many online platforms and mobile apps, particularly those in industries such as finance, e-commerce, and healthcare. In this guide, we’ll explore some best practices for implementing identity verification in Africa and discuss some of the regulatory challenges product managers face. The Importance of Identity Verification in Africa Africa […]

The Benefits of Address Verification for Cross-Border Transactions in Fintech

Cross-border transactions are essential to the growth of fintech startups in Africa. However, these transactions can be risky due to fraud and errors that may occur during the process. For example, take John, an online merchant in Nigeria, who faced a significant challenge in processing cross-border transactions due to incorrect or incomplete address details provided […]

The True Cost of Identity Verification Services in Nigeria.

Cost of identity verification in Nigeria. Pricing

Identity verification is a crucial component of doing business in Nigeria. It ensures that individuals and businesses are who they say they are, so you can be compliant and prevents fraud, money laundering, and other illegal activities. However, the cost of identity verification can be a barrier for tiny and medium-sized enterprises. At, we […]

Verified Gazette: February 2023 Roundup

Verified Africa Gazette

In our last roundup, we announced the launch of the address verification service for Nigeria and reflected on our biggest wins for 2022. Our updates for the month of February include the VNIN verification service, learning resources for you and an upcoming change to our pricing model.  Scroll down for all the details! NIN, NIN, […]

How the Best Product Managers in Africa Build Secure Products for FinTech.

Yarmi Ashama Yemisi Alabi Fintech Product Managers

Think of an orchestra or a music conductor who works with different people to create beautiful music. It’s similar to the work of a product manager, as they work with others who bring different expertise. The end goal is to build valuable products for customers and the business. Product managers also look into the business […]