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Everything you need to know to use Verified.Africa like a Pro

Verified is a solution that allows organisations to verify the identities of individuals by connecting them to a large pool of data sources via API & web.

You can access the services identified here (Please include a link to documentation that shows all the services. Also see API SERVICES below;

  • BVN Full Details Service
  • BVN Validity Service
  • BVN Verification + Face match
  • Bank Account Validation Service
  • CAC Verification Service
  • FRSC + Face Match
  • Face Match Verification Service
  • ID Verification + Face match
  • International Passport
  • Intl Passport + Face Match
  • NIN + Face Match
  • Seamfix Address Verification
  • Seamfix BVN service
  • Seamfix Business Address Verification
  • Seamfix FRSC Service
  • Seamfix Full KYC Report
  • Seamfix NIN Service
  • Seamfix VIN service TIN
  • Verification Service VIN
  • Verification + Face Match

To access any service in our live environment, you need to sign up and be approved by a seamfix admin to perform verification.

To integrate to any of our services, please use our API documentation here for guidance.

While we plan to include all our services on the portal, we do not have all now.

We will always communicate with you once a service is down. Always feel free to contact us when this happens so we can give further details.

If part of your request is incorrect, the verification will fail; if the incorrect field is mandatory for verification, your verification will fail with reason for failure.

Verified maintains a wallet system and service usage is debited from the wallet. Wallet top up can be done via debit card or bank transfer.

On verified, we currently offer a pay as you go service.