Secure your Transactions with KYC and AML Services for the Banking Industry

Eliminate digital fraud in daily transactions, open accounts safely for customers and meet industry regulations with’s identity verification services.

Verified Africa

Accelerating Trust for Africa’s Progressive Brands

Register Legitimate Customers Quickly

Use real-time background checks to gain a competitive advantage as you onboard genuine customers while meeting strict KYC regulations. enables you to screen ID documents in seconds, validate guarantors and confirm physical addresses in days not weeks.

Prevent Financial and Economic Fraud

Build trust with customers with safe and secure transactions. helps you stay on the side of the law by ensuring every customer is precisely who they say they are. Keep out fraudulent persons, prevent identity theft and manage consent with biometrics.

Scale your Banking Services with Compliance

Pursue new opportunities beyond your country without worrying about regulation barriers. Our ID verification services are available in multiple countries across Africa and increasing. Verify new documents at the same speed regardless of location and language. This is growth built for African dominance.

Enjoy ID Solutions without Complications.

Start verifying identities without a learning curve or additional developer time. is integrated easily into your current tech stack via API. With 24/7 customer support and the easiest documentation in Africa, we help you reduce costs by saving you time. Copy and Paste to get started. It’s that easy.

The Verified.Africa Advantage

We’ve built a wide range of capabilities to suit your needs so you don’t have to choose multiple verification providers. Pick what you require or have a full buffet. It’s one size for every size.

Address Verification
Liveness Detection
Face Match Recognition
Document Verification

Here for you, Here for your Bank.

Provide the most secure services to your customers online and offline. Let’s work with you to integrate our KYC and AML services for fast and smooth banking operations.