5 Step Checklist for Developers and PMs to Onboard Thousands of Customers in 10 Minutes

I’m never surprised when I see a product or service with expensive marketing and months of development, get rated so poorly after launch.

The default action for people (like me) after using a product with a bad customer experience is not only to uninstall the app, but somehow, we feel 10 times better when we tell everybody how bad it was.

Don’t blame us – blame your slow onboarding process.

How fast a person gets from first contact with your digital product (web or mobile app) to full adoption can determine whether they become a customer or a hater.

User Onboarding is anything you do as a product guy to increase the chances of a user understanding what to do next and quickly.

And a key factor in this process is customer verification. Being able to identify an authentic user from a scammer or bot and get that real person to not bounce off.

So how do you make this happen?


Digital KYC and Speed


Digital Speed
Imagine your customers feel like this after signing up

Due to “know your customer” regulations (nobody likes it, but it keeps everyone secure online), product owners like you are required to validate a user’s identity before they can access your service.

In previous times, this would take 3-5 days as you would manually have to inspect their address, or backup their documents with a guarantor.

But not anymore with digital verification tools.

Now you only need one piece of information like an international passport or National Identity Number (NIN), and the identity of that person is confirmed within minutes.

For example, after downloading the Bitcoin app, Binance – I signed up on the account page, Input my NIN and got a confirmation email less than 20 minutes later.

Thank God I didn’t buy crypto at the time though, the crash would have left me homeless.

Nevertheless, from signup to accessing the dashboard was quick enough to get me excited!

Your product can have the same magical effect on first-time customers.

Here’s a 5 step checklist for you to onboard customers faster using – a verification tool for businesses in Africa.


Step by Step Process to Verify Thousands of Customers instantly

  1. Create a business account on Verified Africa

    This is so straightforward, you’d think it’s Facebook. Sign up into the portal, input your basic information, upload your company details and top up your wallet.Depending on your data speed, this would take about 10 minutes. There’s a full guide for you on the dashboard to take you through the entire process.<Create Account>

    Onboarding with Verified Africa

  2. Go to the Developer’s section and view our API documentation

    API sounds fancy eh? Heh, it’s just a bridge that connects you to us (sophisticated people would call it a software interface that allows two applications to interact with each other, but eh I like my definitions simple). You most likely have one that you’re using for other services already.

    If you’re new to this, here’s a full guide on everything API (Application Programming Interface)

    So on our website, you can download our docs for your use. You’re now two steps away from speedy user verification!

    <Visit developer hub>

    API documentation Verified Africa

  3. Copy production API Keys (it’s just one button!)

    I feel like embedding that Netflix original intro sound at this point – because that’s how badass this part is.

    With one click, you’re closer to your goal of making your customers happy.

    Production Keys Verified Africa

  4. Complete your Integration to Verified.Africa!

    You have your verified account, your user Id and API Keys copied, now you are set to integrate into your first verified API!

    It’s advisable to conduct and test all integrations in the sandbox environment (like a trial mode). The test data provided in our documentation guides work in the sandbox mode as well.Once you’ve tested it and you’re satisfied with how it works, you’re ready to go to the ‘live mode’!

    NIN verification Verified Africa

  5. Start verifying identities in 10 Minutes!


    Just like bread and butter, will slot seamlessly into your product (app or web) and confirm the identity record of any user in a flash.You no longer need to do anything at this stage as our AI services work tirelessly for you day and night to keep your onboarding process running smoothly like Jelly.

    Woman using an app after onboarding verified africa

And there you have it!

Your 5-step process to save your precious developer time or earn that company bonus for shipping a successful product to the market.

You can download this checklist as an infographic here or skip straight to our portal to get started.

You know what, I’d help make it easier for you. If you click the link below, one of our support teams will guide you through every step of the process.

use verified africa

Welcome to a new level of 5-star customer reviews with!


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