Building Digital Trust for an Online Marketplace.


Securing the platform of a classified Ads company offering online marketplace services for buyers and sellers in over 10 countries including Nigeria.



The company’s e-commerce website connects sellers of various products and services with interested buyers who visit the site without a need to necessarily sign up on the website.

As a result of the emphasis on ease of use for buyers and sellers, minimum information is collected on the website on sign-up.

So what was initially a convenient and great user experience, over time became a security problem as criminals took advantage to sign up on the platform to defraud buyers at meet-up locations.

When incidences like this occur, the contact details provided on the platform are mostly inadequate to apprehend the culprits.

The company needed a service that could improve the security of the platform while also maintaining its ease of use.


Solution’s BVN validity service which is a web service (API) integrated into the company’s existing infrastructure Customers were now required to input their BVN as part of the requirements for signing up for new and legacy customers.

This meant that all accounts on the platform were tied to a BVN which is unique to an individual.

This cut down the number of fraud cases recorded on the platform as it deterred fraudulent individuals, making it more trustworthy and safe for customers.

Reported fraud cases could also now be traced back to perpetrators using the BVN provided on signup.

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