HR Agency teams up with Verified to Improve Turnaround Time.


A Leading Firm in the Recruitment/Outsourcing industry helping businesses recruit talented personnel receives a large volume of applications from job seekers in need of employment across the country.

This firm requires a service to vet these applications to achieve their client’s objective of talent acquisition on merit.



Incidents of job applicants falsifying or presenting inaccurate details to meet application requirements or circumvent the recruitment process were rampant.

This caused undesired issues for the company and eroded the confidence clients have in the recruitment services they provide.

In order to arrest these negative developments, the company decided to manually validate the resumes and academic credentials.

For instance, they’d visit the address provided to make sure that the address details of the candidate were valid.

The company also required referees and guarantors from the applicants to certify their details. These processes reduced the company’s turnaround time— increasing its cost of operation and profitability.

They needed a cost-effective solution to automate the verification of candidates.



The solution to this business challenge was to provide access to a database with which the company can validate details provided by candidates.

This access would enable the company to verify the details of applicants against multiple databases such as BVN, Driver’s License, Voter’s register, etc.

All the company now had to do was input the details provided by the candidates on the portal. These details are run against multiple databases and compared to genuine information on the candidate in real-time. All in a matter of minutes.

Using the portal increased the efficiency of the company by cutting the turnaround time by as much as 90% and reducing the operational cost as fewer staff were needed to verify details of prospective applicants.

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