How to Navigate Regulatory Compliance in Africa: Building a Strong Framework

Meet Regulatory Compliance in Africa Industry Regulations

A few months ago, I received an innocent email from a C-level executive. Intrigued, I clicked a link within it, only to discover it was a planned phishing attack orchestrated by our compliance team. Failing the test, I had to attend an informational session on phishing and identity fraud. When a similar email arrived recently, […]

Market Research Guide for Early Stage Startups in Africa

Market research early stage startup africa Martin Mbonu

Market research is the strategic North Star for early stage startups. In a recent webinar hosted by our startup accelerator program, Martin Mbonu, a seasoned player in the startup game, shared a profound narrative of his journey with MFS Africa, the largest mobile money aggregator in Africa. With over two hundred million dollars in funding, […]

Experts Roundup: Driving Financial Growth and Inclusion in Africa

Africa’s business landscape presents unique opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs, employees, and industry leaders. In this editorial roundup, we share summarised perspectives of five experts from various fields who share their unique takes on marketing strategies, career growth, data protection, market expansion, and financial inclusion.   Meet Chidinma Onukwue: Better Communication Spurs Growth “The best […]

5 Best Practices for Identity Verification in Africa: A Guide for Product Managers

Best practices for Identity Verification In Africa

Identity verification is an essential component of many online platforms and mobile apps, particularly those in industries such as finance, e-commerce, and healthcare. In this guide, we’ll explore some best practices for implementing identity verification in Africa and discuss some of the regulatory challenges product managers face. The Importance of Identity Verification in Africa Africa […]

How the Best Product Managers in Africa Build Secure Products for FinTech.

Yarmi Ashama Yemisi Alabi Fintech Product Managers

Product managers in Africa are like music conductors in an orchestra who work with different people to create beautiful products. It’s similar to the work of a product manager, as they work with others who bring different expertise. The end goal is to build valuable products for customers and the business. Product managers also look […]

Inside Story: Women of discuss our plans for Ghana, South Africa & Kenya

Inside Story, Women of

At, we recently announced the expansion of our identity verification services to Ghana, South Africa and Kenya! This takes the number of countries we operate into four including Nigeria. To discuss more on our plans for these regions, we had a chit-chat with some of the amazing women that make work for thousands […]