Inside Story: Women of discuss our plans for Ghana, South Africa & Kenya

At, we recently announced the expansion of our identity verification services to Ghana, South Africa and Kenya! This takes the number of countries we operate into four including Nigeria.

To discuss more on our plans for these regions, we had a chit-chat with some of the amazing women that make work for thousands of customers around the continent.


Inside Story, Women of
From L-R: Cynthia Alaefuna, Korede Omolehinwa, Kosi Ofodile

Hi Guys! What do you do at

“I ensure that’s airflow is never restricted :)” – Korede, Growth Product Manager.

“I drag people with slides and decks to use” – Cynthia, Sales Manager.

“Simply put, na packaging be my work” – Kosi, Product Marketing Manager.


Haha, You all have jokes. So is in 3 more countries! How excited are you? 

Korede: “Very excited! More excited that our customers with footprints in these countries (e.g. Bamboo) can now access a wider market using our platform, without having to change verification service providers.

We started out to help businesses in Nigeria verify the identity of their customers and partners in a fast, secure and efficient manner.

After one million verifications and a thousand plus businesses (in just under 2 years), we’re excited about our growth and the impact we’ve made; and we can’t wait to launch into more parts of the continent.”

Cynthia: “Very Excited. Identity is something we cannot do without as human beings. The brand has metamorphosed from tackling the identity challenge in Nigeria to adding other African countries. This is indeed mind-blowing.”

Kosi: “I’ve watched crawl, walk, and jog and it’s now running to become the go-to identity verification platform for the start-up eco-system in Africa. So trust me, I am thrilled and proud of our expansion to Ghana, Kenya, SA & soon to come, Uganda & more.

We started out in 2020 as and re-branded to because we saw a bigger picture for the product growth that we believed will move Africa’s digital economy forward.

I’m glad it’s finally living up to its name!

Thus far, we have powered platforms to establish over 200 million identities across Africa enabling start-ups, big enterprises & SMEs to confirm the identity of their customers & partners safely.


Sounds Amazing! Tell us, what’s the biggest motivating factor behind this expansion?

Korede: “We want to empower more businesses and help them scale exponentially”

Cynthia: “For me, it’s the need to prevent Identity Theft and Online Fraud by providing an easy KYC onboarding platform”

Kosi: “We believe in equal opportunities at Verified and we strongly believe that identity is a right and not a privilege. 

This is a key factor in moving Africa’s digital economy forward as many Africans miss one opportunity or the other, because they do not have access to a foundational database. Knowing that we play a key role to mitigate this problem is all the motivation to keep it going.


It definitely is inspiring. What can Customers in these regions expect from

Korede: “They can expect that will continue to keep all her promises of helping them onboard their customers faster, meet KYC compliance in minutes and detect/prevent fraud easily”.

Cynthia: “Fast response time and reduced Identity theft”

Kosi: “Flexibility, Affordable Pricing, Speed, Compliance & Data Security, 24/7 Customer Support.”


Wow, you definitely want your customers to be ballers, not mechanics. What’s your vision for as it continues to scale?

Korede: “That becomes the most widely used platform for all kinds of verifications across Africa and eventually the world”

Cynthia: “Amen to that Korede! We aspire to become the leading Verification platform in Africa”

Kosi: “We want to continue delivering innovative solutions that can enable African businesses not just verify & validate IDs of customers at the point of onboarding but become a part of the entire customer journey from onboarding to the very end.” to the moon!🚀🚀 Finally, any goodies for a business that’s reading this blog?

Korede: “We’re introducing some new verification solutions to our platform and also working on launching into other African countries very soon.

What this means for your business is that you now have a larger market to reach. So if you’ve not signed up on, what are you waiting for?

Don’t be caught sleeping on a bicycle. Visit now to get started or send a mail to today. Your business is our priority.

Cynthia: “Haha, Korede are you a salesperson? So yeah, with Verified Africa, you can optimize your user sign-up process due to the speed of our service response”.

Kosi: “You should subscribe to our monthly newsletter and we will be sure to knock your socks off”


You heard the ladies. Try to give your business a boost in Ghana, SA, Nigeria and Kenya!

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