Face Capture Widget: How Onboarded Over 3 Million Customers in 40 Days

What if you could slash digital fraud by over 90%?

That’s one of the benefits of our brand-new face capture widget.

With this widget, you can breeze through compliance and meet regulatory standards. It’s the tool to elevate your customer onboarding process from good to exceptional. I know you’re short on time, so here’s a three-minute comprehensive guide.

Say Hello to the Face Capture Widget

The Face Capture Widget screens an individual’s facial details in seconds. The result? A lightning-fast registration process for new and existing customers, effectively erasing identity fraud.

How does it work? Through artificial intelligence algorithms that guarantee the highest standards of image capture.

  • Liveness Detection: Our AI engine verifies the physical presence of an individual through a series of clever tests that separate living humans from static images or recorded videos. These tests may prompt the subject to blink their eyes and move their head in a specific direction to prevent impersonation at any level.Liveness Detection
  • Background cleanup: Images captured from various environments can often be cluttered or have distracting backgrounds. The widget tackles this head-on by checking for image quality and flawlessly cleaning up the scene, resulting in a clear, focused and accurate representation of the individual. This functionality is critical for Know Your Customer (KYC) purposes, providing pristine images for verification that meet regulatory compliance.Background Cleanup Face Capture

In essence, the Face Capture Widget doesn’t just capture images; it captures the truth, harnessing AI to secure and validate identities, one pixel at a time.


Diverse Verification Types and Use Cases

You can tailor the widget with any of these verification workflows:

Face Capture Only: Streamline the verification process by capturing customers’ images alone. This image is passed on to you for decision-making, perfectly aligning with your unique prerequisites.

Face Capture Plus Face Match: To add an extra layer of security, you can request that your customers provide a source image, which our AI system will expertly compare with a freshly captured counterpart. The outcome? An accurate percentage match, empowering you to make informed choices regarding customer onboarding.

Face Capture Plus ID Match: The widget captures the customer’s facial details and an identification document like a passport or driver’s licence. It effortlessly extracts and matches images from the ID, guaranteeing an impeccable onboarding process.

Face Match Identity Verification Africa

Then apply these modes across multiple use cases, including:

Telecommunications: From support centres to customers’ homes, the widget verifies images, preventing sim swap fraud, for a seamless experience that redefines customer interaction.

Fintech: Easily integrate the widget into your apps, simplifying sign-up and sign-in. Users upload images once during registration, and the widget ensures real-time authenticity checks for instant, secure access.

Banking: When customers attempt large transactions, the widget triggers an AI-powered capture process to prevent unauthorised access by matching the live image with the previously stored image.

Ride-Hailing: As drivers register, the widget validates their faces against their driver’s licences while ensuring genuine passengers’ identities. This dynamic approach secures your platforms, prioritising both drivers and passengers’ security.

Hospitality: Guests and patients provide images during physical and online check-ins, validated by the widget’s real-time AI checks. What was once a cumbersome desk ritual becomes an uninterrupted service flow.

Please note that the widget adheres to strict data protection regulations and does not store user data. Instead, the respective organisation manages the data, ensuring compliance and protecting customer privacy.

Ridehailing Identity Verification Face Match

Accelerating Security for Business Growth

Since its implementation,’s customers have onboarded over 3 million customers within a mere 40 days. Our Face Capture widget reduced fraudulent cases by over 90% in SIM swaps for a telecom giant, protecting customer accounts and preventing unauthorised access.

Our AI solution makes our clients comply with industry regulations easily by enabling biometric identification 100% faster than before and matching faces with up to 90% accuracy.

Boost your onboarding workflow with the Face Capture widget. Speak to our sales team or book a short demo here.


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