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In this excerpt from the latest edition of our newsletter, we share exciting product updates and insightful content for the month of April 2023.

Remember when we talked about our new pricing model? Well, we’ve been hard at work since then, fueled by your feedback and determined to enhance your experience.

And guess what? The wait is over! Introducing our brand-new Face Match Engine, an incredible AI solution that lets you verify identities in a flash, with unbeatable speed and security.

It’s available whenever and wherever you need it. So, let’s dive in and discover the future of identity verification!

Face Match Verified Africa

Product Updates

Experience the Power of Face Match Technology!

Let’s explore the fantastic features of the Face Match Engine:

Liveness Detection

Say goodbye to impersonation and identity theft! We use motion detection, head tracking, and facial movement analysis to ensure that the person taking a selfie is live and not a fraud.

Background Cleanup:

No more distractions in the background! Our advanced algorithms eliminate background noise, objects, or other people, ensuring the user’s face is visible and easily recognizable.

Face Verification

We take facial analysis to the next level! Compare the individual’s face with a reference image, such as a passport or driver’s license. We analyze key facial features with up to 99.9% accuracy to determine if they match.


We can’t wait to witness how these features enhance your user experience via the web portal, SDK or APIs.

We value your feedback, so don’t hesitate to schedule a call with our sales team for a detailed overview of the Face Match Engine and a live demo!

Get ready to be amazed!

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Company Updates

Seamfix and Mvine Join Forces for Global Digital Identity Solutions!

Seamfix Mvine Verified africa

Exciting news! Seamfix, our parent company and Mvine have joined forces to revolutionize digital identity services across borders.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our go-to-market strategy, starting with the dynamic UK B2B market.

With Mvine integrating its digital identity hub into our solutions, we’re unlocking lightning-fast customer enrolment and identity verification (IDV) checks for Africans residing in the UK.

This is a game-changing alliance that will reshape how we navigate digital identities globally!

From the Blog

Winning Your Customer’s Trust: Expert Tips from Ssuna Ronald

Ssuna Ronald Marketing Africa

Unlock the secrets of targeted marketing! In a recent interview, we sat down with Ssuna Ronald, a seasoned Pan-African marketer with years of experience leveraging broadcast media and digital technology for tech startups.

Ssuna spilt the beans on launching new products across African countries, customer acquisition while staying compliant, and, most importantly, how to earn consumers’ trust.

Calling all African marketers and founders! This exclusive editorial is a goldmine of expert insights you don’t want to miss. Read this to take your marketing game to new heights!

<Read Ssuna’s Interview>

It’s a wrap on this month’s Verified Gazette!

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The Team!


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