Verified’s API Takes Centre Stage at Hackfest 2022

On the 12th of November, 2022, sponsored ‘Ingressive For Good’s Annual Hackfest event. This year’s theme was; No Techies Left Behind

At, we enable businesses to confirm the identities of their customers, which eliminates e-fraud, identity theft, and potential financial losses. 

We also believe that every individual has a right to access equal opportunities regardless of their background.

This is why we partnered with Ingressive for Good – a leading ed-tech non-profit that provides training and support for one million African youths in tech.

This partnership gave us the opportunity to share our API with talented developers, who built innovative solutions that contribute to the African identity verification ecosystem.

We equally obtained critical feedback from the developers on working with’s API.

“It’s important for us as a KYC startup to not just help businesses and individuals operate safely in today’s digital world, but to provide the right tools and resources for the ecosystem to thrive.

Hackfest 2022 is one of Africa’s biggest platforms in tech and seeing our APIs at the centre of it all is beyond amazing for us ” – Kosi Ofodile, Product Marketing Manager,


Winners Hackfest 2022
Our brilliant team. From L-R: Chilotam, Korede and Cynthia


The goal for the I4GHACKFEST 2022 was to give young developers the opportunity to collaborate with each other and build an MVP for a verification product, using’s API.

Each team’s work was measured by the product’s uniqueness, novelty and viability for businesses to use seamlessly.

The Issue

When historical transactions or an account owner’s identity is to be made known, brands and businesses in the payment space are unable to retrieve such information, which results in delayed transactions, waste of time and loss of revenue.


What the Participants Built:

At the Hackathon, the participants’ products were presented to a panel of judges to determine the finalists. Here are some of the solutions that they built:


  1. An Investment app that enables investors to verify the status of Nigerian startups. The app is also a repository for startups that seek investor funding. 
  2. An alcohol catalogue website that limits access to alcohol to those under the legal drinking age, through identity verification. It also enables users to purchase alcohol on the catalogue. 
  3. A passport app that offers passport issuance and renewal services to Nigerians, ensuring that they are eligible to own a Nigerian passport. 
  4. An identity verification app that enables businesses to reduce the identity frauds that they are faced with when onboarding their customers.
  5. A verification app that authenticates the identity of the staff of a company, using Face ID, before they are granted access to sensitive data or information. 
  6. A verification platform that flags the identities of users with a track record of questionable activities, e.g borrowing money without repayment and other fraudulent activities.


Meet The Winners!

Out of the 17 talented teams, 3 teams emerged the winners of the Hackathon!

The judging process was rather challenging seeing that the teams put in the work to build these products with their prototypes, in ample time for their presentation.

“As a technical judge at the hackathon, it was very interesting for me to see how our APIs could be used to build multiple products almost overnight. The developers were nothing short of amazing and I’m glad they had the opportunity to display their talent” – Joachim Odo, Technical lead,


Ingressive Hackfest 2022
Team Meraki, First place winners

Team Meraki
emerged as the overall winner of the Hackathon after a job well done in building a solution that enables investors to verify the identities of startups.

This would prevent fraudulent individuals posing as startups from stealing money from potential investors. The app would in turn allow startups to seek investor funding and share their business information on a secured platform.

Team Meraki’s members are:

  • Loveth Akodu
  • Chigozie Udoh
  • Tobechukwu Okamkpa
  • Ajibade Abdulbasit

“As a team, we can collectively say it was a wonderful experience. Working seamlessly and achieving much within a short period of time, some would have mistaken us for long-time friends. It was also a nice experience familiarising ourselves with the API”. – Team Meraki.


Winners Hackfest 2022 ingressive for good
Team One Secure, 2nd Place winners

Team One Secure
came in second place.

They built One Secure; a verification app that flags the identities of fraudulent individuals, especially those who have been previously identified as such by other platforms due to their disputable actions. 

The team member for One Secure are:

  • Damilare Ololade
  • Salawudeen Quadri
  • Jamiu Tijani

“Working on this project made us realise that our product is valid and we’ve decided to continue working on the project even after the hackathon.” Team One Secure.


Ingressive for Good Hackfest 2022
Team Optimus , 3rd Place winners

Team Optimus came in the third position in the Hackathon.

They built Internet ID; a solution that secures the resources of businesses, preventing the exposure of their information to hackers, cybercriminals and bots on the internet. 

Team Optimus’ members are:

  • Gideon Balogun
  • Saheed Babatunde
  • Bertin Fonge

“ really helped bring our amazing solution (Internet ID) to life. Our success story is getting to work with such a talented diverse team within three days, and our ability to implement such an amazing solution, which wouldn’t be complete without” – Team Optimus.

Hackfest 2022 ingressive for good

The Ingressive for Good Hackathon was a memorable learning experience for us, and an opportunity for the participants to connect with more people in the tech space, work with each other and discover innovative ways to use’s API. 

Some members of our team were present at the booths to speak with curious minds and provide support to the participants.

“It was a great experience and opportunity to meet and connect with talented people at the hackathon.

I can confidently say that the ID tech space is filled with many young Africans, who are willing to create innovative solutions relevant to Africa’s unique challenges.” Chilotam Ojukwu, Content Marketer,

We appreciate all the participants, the Ingressive for Good Team, the judges, speakers, mentors, community members and everyone else who contributed to the success of the Hackathon. 

We anticipate more opportunities to empower African techies to build viable solutions that solve problems in the ID verification space, which could be breakthroughs in the tech ecosystem.

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