How Fincra Uses Address Verification Service to Process Payments Securely Across Nigeria

Overview Fincra, a prominent payments company, understands the importance of reliable address verification for their onboarding process, especially when dealing with loan services and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. This case study explores how our address verification services empowered Fincra to overcome the hurdle of untraceable customers and ensure prompt, secure transactions.   The Challenge: […]

How helps Logistics Company, E-shop Africa to Verify Genuine Customers

KYC Brand awareness

I love shopping online. It’s easy, fast and convenient. However, these factors make e-commerce an enticing target for fraudsters seeking to exploit vulnerabilities in the logistics and e-commerce industry. The consequences are far-reaching, causing substantial financial losses to businesses and undermining customer trust. To combat this threat, offers a comprehensive suite of services that […]

How Aella Credit Uses Verified.Africa to Onboard Customers with KYC Compliance

Aella Credit Verified Africa

Aella Credit, a Nigerian Fintech company providing instant credit and payment solutions, faced a common problem among businesses: slow and inefficient identity verification. This was a major hindrance to the smooth operation of their business, as customers in need of loans often required them as soon as possible.  Because of this, Verified.Africa stepped in to […]

How First Bank Nigeria Open Accounts for Customers Easily using

First Bank Nigeria open accounts

Africa’s pioneer bank, First Bank of Nigeria, wanted to expand its customer acquisition services beyond the office. To open accounts outside the bank, First Bank of Nigeria would need to empower agents to carry out customer registration with full KYC compliance.   First Bank of Nigeria is a multinational bank and financial services company in […]