How Fincra Uses Address Verification Service to Process Payments Securely Across Nigeria


Fincra, a prominent payments company, understands the importance of reliable address verification for their onboarding process, especially when dealing with loan services and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. This case study explores how our address verification services empowered Fincra to overcome the hurdle of untraceable customers and ensure prompt, secure transactions.


The Challenge: Untraceable Customers and Inaccurate Addresses

Fincra’s goal is to process online and offline payments swiftly and securely for a diverse range of businesses. However, they faced a recurring issue of customers providing inaccurate or misleading addresses. This posed significant challenges, including delayed transactions, increased fraud risk, and difficulties in conducting proper due diligence.


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Our Solution: Efficient Address Verification Services

Recognizing the need for a robust address verification solution, Fincra partnered with our company to implement our address verification services via API. Our tailored solution enabled Fincra to streamline its onboarding process and verify customer addresses within an impressive timeframe of 24-72 hours.

Benefits and Results:

Enhanced Customer Trust and Security:
By implementing our address verification service, Fincra significantly improved customer trust and confidence. The ability to validate addresses accurately instilled a sense of security among customers, as they knew that Fincra had taken proactive measures to prevent fraudulent activities and ensure their transactions were conducted with legitimate individuals.

Reduced Risk of Fraud and Untraceable Customers:
Our address verification services helped Fincra minimize the risk of fraud by ensuring that customer addresses were genuine and traceable. By eliminating untraceable customers, Fincra experienced fewer instances of failed deliveries, loss of funds, and associated reputational damage.

Improved Efficiency and Cost Savings:
With our streamlined address verification process, Fincra experienced improved operational efficiency. The prompt verification turnaround time of 24-72 hours allowed them to onboard customers quickly and seamlessly, reducing the time spent on manual verification processes. This efficiency translated into cost savings and better resource allocation for Fincra.


Our address verification services support Fincra’s commitment to processing payments securely and efficiently. By leveraging our solution, Fincra successfully addressed the challenge of untraceable customers and inaccurate addresses, resulting in enhanced customer trust, reduced fraud risk, and improved operational efficiency.

If your business faces similar address verification challenges, we are here to help. Contact us today to discuss how our address verification services can transform your onboarding process and drive success. helps businesses and individuals to eliminate fraud, onboard online customers faster, and meet KYC compliance in minutes. Learn more about our services here or get started for free by creating an account on our portal!

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