How to Launch and Scale a Startup in Africa with Zero Funding

Building a startup in Africa is challenging. Just ask the founders of Seamfix, our parent company that went from bootstrapped beginnings with only seventy-five thousand Naira to a globally recognized company with a presence in four locations, all without any external funding or investment. This is precisely what I was about to explore as I […]

The Benefits of Address Verification for Cross-Border Transactions in Fintech

Cross-border transactions are essential to the growth of fintech startups in Africa. However, these transactions can be risky due to fraud and errors that may occur during the process. For example, take John, an online merchant in Nigeria, who faced a significant challenge in processing cross-border transactions due to incorrect or incomplete address details provided […]

The True Cost of Identity Verification Services in Nigeria.

Cost of identity verification in Nigeria. Pricing

Identity verification is a crucial component of doing business in Nigeria. It ensures that individuals and businesses are who they say they are, so you can be compliant and prevents fraud, money laundering, and other illegal activities. However, the cost of identity verification can be a barrier for tiny and medium-sized enterprises. At, we […]

Verified Gazette: February 2023 Roundup

Verified Africa Gazette

In our last roundup, we announced the launch of the address verification service for Nigeria and reflected on our biggest wins for 2022. Our updates for the month of February include the VNIN verification service, learning resources for you and an upcoming change to our pricing model.  Scroll down for all the details! NIN, NIN, […]

Ingressive Hackfest 2022: Verified’s API Takes Centre Stage

On the 12th of November, 2022, sponsored ‘Ingressive For Good’s Annual Hackfest event. This year’s theme was; No Techies Left Behind.  At, we enable businesses to confirm their customers’ identities, eliminating e-fraud and identity theft. We also believe that every individual has a right to access equal opportunities regardless of background. This is […]

The October Newsletter from the Team

Two months ago, we announced our service expansion to cover three more countries in Africa – Ghana, South Africa and Kenya! Some of our partners are already leveraging this to increase their customer base in these regions, you should join them too 🙂 In the month of October, we featured some amazing women on our team, wrote about […]