Verified Gazette: February 2023 Roundup

In our last roundup, we announced the launch of the address verification service for Nigeria and reflected on our biggest wins for 2022.

Our updates for the month of February include the VNIN verification service, learning resources for you and an upcoming change to our pricing model. 

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NIN, NIN, NIN… What Next?

Virtual NIN Generation NIMC. Vnin Nigeria. Verification service

Last year, we announced a stop to our NIN verification service in line with the official mandate from NIMC to switch to the Virtual NIN service.

We realize that this switch hasn’t been easy for you to transition to, as some of your customers still use their NIN.

Based on your recent feedback, we totally understand your frustrations with the VNIN service. Still, we want to reassure you that this service is one of the most compliant ways to verify customers in Nigeria.

Our other services remain available to you upon request via API and the web portal.

If you’re still confused about the VNIN service, here’s an updated release on what you need to know to make the transition as smooth as possible for your business and customers.

<Learn more about VNIN>

How to Enable Financial Inclusion in Africa

Verified africa Bade Adesemowo Social Score

Last month, we sat down with Bade Adesemowo, co-founder of Social lender, to discuss the digital identity scene in Africa and how social reputation scores and verified identities can enable trust and financial inclusion.

Here’s an edited cut of the interview for your learning pleasure.

<Read the Blog>

Confirm a Physical Address in 24 – 72 hours live!

Address Verification service Nigeria


Through the address verification service, you are provided with detailed information about the residency of your customers, who they say they are and those close to them – all done automatically and in 24 -72 hours depending on location. 

Amazing, yes?!

The address Verification Service can be accessed via the web portal or API. Learn all you need to know about this essential security service here. 

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Finally, on the 24th of March, we will update our pricing model to reflect changes in the industry amid our aims to provide one of the fastest and most efficient KYC services on the continent to you.

Please look out for an official notification from us soon.

As always, our support team is one email away, get in touch at


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