Here’s What to do about the Security and KYC Gap in Online Food Delivery.

KYC food delivery

Remember the hassle of calling a restaurant to order food and then crossing your fingers, hoping your order arrived correctly and on time? Those were the days! But now, thanks to online platforms, whether you’re working from home or just craving your favourite meal, a few clicks on your phone and your food arrives at […]

KYC in Gaming and Betting: Ensuring Fair Play and Safety

KYC Gaming Betting Identity Verification

In 2022, Africa’s gaming and betting scene exploded, making nearly a billion dollars in revenue. Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa lead the pack, with South Africa being the top player. Most of this action comes from sports betting, and what’s interesting is that people now prefer to play online (iGaming) rather than going to physical […]

KYC Compliance in Ride-Hailing: Building Trust and Safety

Ridehailing Identity Verification KYC

In 2019, a popular ride-hailing company lost its permission to work in London because many drivers faked who they were on the app. Imagine, over 14,000 trips were taken with drivers who weren’t really who they said they were. That’s a significant risk for every passenger. Ride-hailing apps on phones make getting around cities so […]

How African Businesses Can Use Face Match for KYC and Unlock Growth

By 2025, Africa’s internet economy is set to reach $180 billion, constituting 5.2% of the continent’s GDP. The potential for startups and established companies alike has never been more promising. Yet, there’s one thing that can impede or accelerate this growth further. Trust. Whether dealing with investors or customers, we must trust that the right […]

Why is Digital Identity Verification Important for African Startups?

Digital Identity Verification in Africa

ChatGPT, and artificial intelligence. Open Banking and Peer to Peer Trading. Africa’s digital economy is exploding, with startup funding at a record high. Yet, we must ask a fundamental question and address the elephant in the room. “How do we sustain a high-growth digital economy in a continent filled with digitally invisible people”?  According to […]

Market Research Guide for Early Stage Startups in Africa

Market research early stage startup africa Martin Mbonu

Market research is the strategic North Star for early stage startups. In a recent webinar hosted by our startup accelerator program, Martin Mbonu, a seasoned player in the startup game, shared a profound narrative of his journey with MFS Africa, the largest mobile money aggregator in Africa. With over two hundred million dollars in funding, […]

5 Identity Verification Errors to Avoid for a Seamless KYC Process

Mistakes Identity Verification

One of the critical aspects of a robust KYC process is addressing potential identity verification errors. You may have an outstanding product and a solid understanding of KYC (Know Your Customer) terminologies, but these errors can negatively affect customer retention and drain resources. What if I told you the solution might be simpler than you […]

Identity Verification: How to Choose the Best KYC Provider in Africa

Best KYC Providers in Africa. kyc solution identity verification

Your business’s success depends on a critical choice: your KYC provider. In Africa, numerous businesses grapple with this decision. An ill-suited KYC solution can lead to user drop-offs, erode trust, and stall your business’s progress. But, the right KYC partner can empower you to effortlessly verify user identities, instil confidence, and drive your business forward. […]

Scaling KYC Compliance: How Empowers Your Business Growth

Flexible KYC Solutions Provider Africa

During our sales demos, scalability is a question that seldom comes up. It’s a silent concern that businesses tend to underestimate. “Can your KYC process handle a sudden influx of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands, of new signups? Can you help us meet evolving and stringent KYC compliance requirements?” To meet KYC compliance standards, […]

AI and Biometrics in KYC: Enabling Secure Identity Verification

AI Biometrics KYC Identity Verifcation Africa

Remember the Star Wars movie? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not limited to science fiction alone; it’s a technological powerhouse transforming industries across the globe. In simple terms, AI refers to machines or computer systems that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. Think of AI as the digital brain that can learn, reason, and […]