Scaling KYC Compliance: How Empowers Your Business Growth

During our sales demos, scalability is a question that seldom comes up. It’s a silent concern that businesses tend to underestimate. “Can your KYC process handle a sudden influx of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands, of new signups? Can you help us meet evolving and stringent KYC compliance requirements?”

To meet KYC compliance standards, organisations, regardless of their size – whether a startup or a multinational conglomerate – must ensure seamless and quick customer onboarding. So, as the quantity and quality of data required for verification expands, partnering with the right KYC partner is essential for sustainable business growth. seamlessly combines document verification, biometrics, and physical address verification across web, mobile, and API integration. With us, you can confidently serve your customers, whether they’re around the corner or across the vast continent of Africa.


Drawbacks of the Multiple KYC Providers Approach

Historically, businesses attempt to comply with regulations by engaging multiple KYC service providers. While seemingly prudent, this strategy comes with its challenges.

  • Inefficiency: Each provider has its platform, protocols, and processes, leading to data management and verification inefficiencies, delays in onboarding customers, and potentially costing valuable opportunities.

  • Higher Costs: From licensing fees, subscription charges, and integration expenses, the costs associated with each provider can add up quickly, thereby reducing cost efficiency.

  • Fragmented Data: Different providers may collect and store data distinctly, so creating a unified customer profile becomes challenging. This fragmented view can hinder businesses from comprehensively understanding their customers.

  • Compliance Risks: Keeping everyone updated on regulations is tricky, and merging various data security protocols is an administrative headache that could lead to fines and a damaged reputation.

If efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and compliance matter, you need a comprehensive KYC solution that meets current regulatory requirements and efficiently adapts to future changes. 

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The Advantage: Scalability Beyond Borders

Scalability isn’t just a feature – it’s a necessity. 

Recognising this, is your ideal KYC partner, delivering a range of core advantages beyond mere compliance. 

Comprehensive Verification Suite covers every aspect of KYC requirements, offering document verification, background checks, employment verification, and biometric validation, including face match and liveness detection. With our one-stop solution for all your KYC needs, you can consolidate your efforts under one roof, streamlining operations, eliminating data silos, and creating a unified customer profile.

Adaptable Solutions

KYC requirements evolve quickly, just like your customer’s needs. adapts seamlessly to changing demands, catering to the evolving regulatory environment and industry-specific nuances. We empower your business to stay ahead of compliance changes and customer expectations through flexible API integrations and expert advisory services.

Cost-Efficiency understands the importance of cost-effectiveness. We designed our pricing to be competitive and fair, offering significant savings compared to competitors. Our rates start at just ₦70 for level 2 verification, such as international passport verification and as low as ₦1000 for the address verification service.

We also provide flexible payment options to make it easier for businesses to manage their expenses. Our services are priced based on the volume of requested verifications, meaning you pay for only what you need.

Speed and Compliance

Speed is paramount for business growth. offers lightning-fast KYC checks and up to 99% unrivalled accuracy. Our commitment to compliance ensures you meet regulatory requirements as your business expands, eliminating the risk of costly penalties.

Expert Support goes beyond being a service provider; we are your KYC partner. Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to assist you and ensure a seamless experience. Beyond the technical aspects, we offer guidance and expertise to help you navigate the complexities of KYC.

Data Security

Data security is a top priority for We adhere to stringent data protection regulations and employ robust security measures to protect sensitive information. We prioritise data protection and maintain certified compliance with international standards and regulations, including the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation (2019) and ISO 27001, ISO 23001, and ISO 20000.


Conclusion: Your KYC Partner for Sustainable Growth

Ready to transform your KYC operations and fuel your business growth? Take the next step toward scalable, secure, and compliant KYC solutions with You can customise your ideal verification flow with’s flexible services or upgrade your applications with our robust API and SDK. Book a demo to speak with us today.

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