Startup Accelerator Program: Identity Verification Made Easy and Free

Smile Identity Startup accelerator program africa

What if your startup never has to worry about identity fraud? You’d focus on growing exponentially. Knowing that every transaction is genuine, you’d market more aggressively and build trust with your customers. At, we aim to help you connect seamlessly with genuine customers and grow your business. Over the last three years, we’ve successfully […]

iGree: Simplifying BVN Consent Management For Data Privacy

Familiar with the Bank Verification Number? The BVN was introduced in 2014 by the Central Bank of Nigeria to enhance financial security, curtail fraudulent activities, and establish an unmistakable identity for every bank account holder. Developed by NIBSS (Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System), the BVN contains important biometric data like an individual’s fingerprints, facial photograph, names, […]

Townhall Recap: VNIN service and Face Match Updates

On Friday, the 14th of July, 2023, we had our first public town hall session with our supportive customers. We discussed the recent change from NIN service to VNIN for Nigeria and shared exclusive updates on our Face Match services for Africa. Here’s a short highlight of all we talked about at the online event. […]

The Verified Gazette: Newsletter, June Edition

In this excerpt from the last edition of our newsletter, we share exciting product updates and insightful content for the month of June 2023. Product updates Enjoy Lightning-fast Onboarding & Fraud Prevention💡 Introducing our cutting-edge AI verification services. We’ve got the full package: face capture, liveness detection, background cleanup, and image validation. These powerful tools […]

The Verified Gazette – Newsletter, April 2023

In this excerpt from the latest edition of our newsletter, we share exciting product updates and insightful content for the month of April 2023. Remember when we talked about our new pricing model? Well, we’ve been hard at work since then, fueled by your feedback and determined to enhance your experience. And guess what? The […]