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What if your startup never has to worry about identity fraud? You’d focus on growing exponentially. Knowing that every transaction is genuine, you’d market more aggressively and build trust with your customers.

At, we aim to help you connect seamlessly with genuine customers and grow your business. Over the last three years, we’ve successfully verified 300,000+ customer identities, witnessing firsthand how our services can transform businesses from volatile to secure.

Along the way, we’ve also seen that KYC compliance costs are challenging for many startups. So, to support aspiring entrepreneurs, we are thrilled to announce our Verified Startup Accelerator Program. For the next six months, eligible startups can access our verification services entirely free! Yes, you read that correctly. FREE for six months.

If you qualify for our startup accelerator program, you get your hands on a comprehensive range of verification services. But that’s not all; you also become part of a vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs at Google’s Developer’s Group! Consider this an early Christmas gift!

Are you intrigued? Watch the short video below to know more about the Program.



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What is the Startup Accelerator Program?

The Startup Accelerator Program empowers early-stage startups by providing them with a free verification usage credits for up to six months, with an initial grant of 100 verifications to start with. With these credits, you can effortlessly protect your business, onboard genuine customers, and ensure compliance with regulations, all without straining your budget.

The program runs for six months, ensuring you have ample time to leverage our services. Additionally, eligible startups will gain exclusive access to enriching networking sessions, providing opportunities to connect and learn from top experts, fellow entrepreneurs, and market leaders within the African ecosystem.

At, we are committed to empowering startups like yours to thrive, and this program is a testament to that commitment. Get ready to propel your business forward with confidence and security.


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What Services will I have access to?

Our Accelerator Program offers a comprehensive suite of services that will help you streamline operations, build customer trust, and concentrate on achieving exponential growth for your startup. Here’s an extensive list of services for you throughout the program:

  • Face Match: Ensure the authenticity of each customer by using advanced facial capture technology to compare their facial features with the photo on their ID.
  • Document Verification: Meet your KYC requirements by cross-checking various identity documents across Africa, ensuring a reliable verification process.
  • Address Verification: Gain detailed insights into your customers’ residency and verify their identity, enhancing your confidence in their legitimacy and proximity.
  • Liveness Detection: Prevent fraudsters from impersonating someone else by checking if the user taking the selfie is a live person in real-time.

We understand that as your startup scales, your business needs may evolve. Therefore, throughout the program, we will collaborate closely with you to tweak these services to your business use case. We aim to ensure you have the most effective and efficient identity verification solutions tailored to your unique requirements. 


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Who is Eligible for the Program?

To qualify for this opportunity, your startup must meet the following criteria:

  • Launch Date: Your startup should have launched less than four years ago, reflecting our commitment to supporting early-stage businesses.
  • Working Product: You must have a functioning product already in the market, demonstrating your progress and readiness for growth.
  • Active Customers and Revenue: We encourage startups with active customers who are already generating revenue, which indicates market traction and potential for expansion.

Whether in the tech sector, finance, healthcare, or any other industry, we encourage you to apply if your startup fulfils the above eligibility criteria, as we believe in nurturing innovative ideas and helping startups thrive.


Ready to Accelerate Your growth?

With’s Startup Accelerator Program, you have an incredible opportunity to onboard thousands, and even millions, of potential customers while ensuring digital security across multiple key markets, including Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, and Ghana.

You don’t want to miss this chance, as signing up for the program is free. If your application is successful, you gain access to a wide range of invaluable support, cutting-edge tools, and valuable mentorship tailored to your startup’s unique needs.

At, we are committed to empowering startups like yours to flourish in Africa’s dynamic and competitive landscape. Don’t hesitate – Sign up now to accelerate your growth and build a secure future for your startup. We look forward to receiving your application.



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