RESOURCES Introduces Address Verification Service for Nigeria

The team is committed to bringing you closer to your customers by providing a seamless verification process. In light of this, we’re excited to launch our address verification service for Nigeria to enable you to verify the residency of your customers easily.


All You Need to Know About Our Address Verification Service’s address verification service is a part of our popular background check service. This service enables you to conduct thorough background verification checks for individual and business addresses. In other words, you are provided with detailed information about the residency of your customers, who they say they are and those in proximity to them.

One of our amiable clients is Fincra, who  provides financial services in the Fintech space for local and international payments. As one of’s customers, they use our platform to verify the identities of their customers. 

This way, they have an upper hand in preventing identity theft, e-frauds, money laundering and other potential malicious activities. enables you to do this too. Your business credibility will be strengthened and your customer base remains authentic. 


How Does It Work?


The address verification service comprises 2 easy layers of verification which are;


  • The Essential Identity Verification

This is the first step of verification. It is done in a bid to verify the identity of your customers, to ensure that they are who they say they are. A driver’s licence is used for identity verification in this instance. This step of the process is immediate and returns results in a couple of minutes.


  • The Address Verification

The second layer is the address verification itself. This process involves the verification of the address that your customer has provided. Their address is used to validate the location of the individual or business. Fincra relies on to verify the addresses of their customers who sign up to use their app for financial transactions. The address verification service can be used via API Integration and via the Web Portal.


Address Verification via API Integration


The API route involves the integration of the address verification service into the process of your system, website or app. Think of this like an outsourced service that your business requires to proceed with the basic steps of customer sign-ups.


If an app, product or website requires its customers to verify their identities,’s API can be used as a third-party step in getting this done seamlessly. A request to verify a customer’s identity will be made via the API integration. This request consists of the customer’s name, given ID (driver’s licence) and their address.


The 2 layers which were briefly discussed above are used to ensure that a request is successful. will verify the identity of a customer by using their driver’s licence. We match the details of the customer’s licence against their record on the FRSC portal. FRSC is the body that issues driver’s licences for Nigerians. This part of the process  is usually done within a few minutes.


When this is done, you will be issued a transaction ID that will be used to track the request that was made. In the meantime, you will be required to send us a webhook. A webhook is a link that notifies you of the completion of the address verification. Think of it like an email or phone number that will be used to notify you of the completion of your request. 


This is because the address verification service is not done instantly. Physical address verification is done to ascertain the correct address that is provided by the customer. For locations in Lagos, it would take about 24 to 48 hours. For locations outside Lagos, it would take about 48 to 72 hours.


Upon completion of the address verification, the results will be collated and sent to you via the webhook. Developers are also able to receive this information via the webhook. A copy of this report will be uploaded to the portal for reference and record keeping. It’s pretty easy.


Address Verification via Web Portal


The address verification via the web portal is pretty easy, too. You can start by logging into your account and manually entering the details of your customers to verify their identities. The first step is to click on “services”, which opens up the “background check service” bar.

You make a new request by entering the details of the customer’s driver’s licence, which is used for identity verification. The details on their licence will be vetted against the details provided on the FRSC database. This usually takes seconds and you will be notified of the result via email. 


The second step is to enter the address of the customer you want to verify into the portal. This includes their country of residence, state, local government, street name, house number and landmark. This paints a more descriptive picture of the location. 


Address Verification Nigeria Verified africa


When this is done, the details of your entry are displayed on a new page, after which you can confirm the request. You can click “view” on your dashboard to see the details of the request as well. Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the portal that displays the result of your request. This report is also downloadable. 


Address Verification Nigeria Verified africaAddress Verification Nigeria Verified africaAddress Verification Nigeria Verified africa


Features of the Address Verification Service for Nigeria 


At, we strive to provide you with the best services, which is why we included awesome features in our address verification service. Some of the features are:


  1. Webhook Implementation: The webhook returns and notifies results for address verification once completed. It is an automated message which is sent to you without delay. Your developers can create a webhook for this purpose and it is used when our API is integrated with your system.


  • Obtaining Reports: During the address verification process, we briefly interview your customers’ neighbours and attach 3 images of the area to the report. This further authenticates the information received from your customers.


The address verification request costs ₦1,000. Keep in mind that a wallet top up is required before making service requests. The price of each request will be debited from your wallet. Read more about the wallet top up feature.


Hope this read was helpful! Looking forward to verifying your customers’ identities soon.



How do I get started?

You can log into the verified portal to get started. Create an account, register with your CAC, top up your wallet and verify away!


How many countries does the address verification function in?’s address verification service currently functions in Nigeria only. 


Who can use and the address verification service for Nigeria?

Businesses and individuals can use



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