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Hundreds of Africa’s progressive brands use to carry out real-time background checks, onboard customers, and meet KYC compliance in minutes.

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Customers Faster. cross-checks reliable databases of valid IDs in seconds, allowing you to prove that your customers, partners, and employees are indeed who they say they are. Learn More

Prevent Fraud Instantly
with Technology.

Save time and money spent on chasing fraudsters. Industry-leading AI powers our verification workflow so you can keep them out from the start.

Liveness Detection

Ensure users are alive and present by checking for movements in real-time.

Facial and ID Card Recognition

Match IDs to Faces anywhere in Africa with machine learning.

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Stay Fully Compliant
with KYC Checks.

Scale your business with all the information you need. helps you secure your products and services with the authentication required for your industry.


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