Why is Digital Identity Verification Important for African Startups?

Digital Identity Verification in Africa

ChatGPT, and artificial intelligence. Open Banking and Peer to Peer Trading. Africa’s digital economy is exploding, with startup funding at a record high. Yet, we must ask a fundamental question and address the elephant in the room. “How do we sustain a high-growth digital economy in a continent filled with digitally invisible people”?  According to […]

Where is Nigeria’s Digital Economy Headed? 

Nigeria's digital economy

Nigeria’s digital economy has been rapidly expanding in recent years, with the country currently ranking as the largest digital economy in Africa. As businesses and individuals continue to embrace digital technologies, there is a growing need for reliable and trustworthy services to ensure online safety and security.  Verified.africa, a Nigerian-based background check service provider, is […]

How to Perform fast VNIN Verification in Nigeria from NIMC with Verified.africa

Vnin Verification Nigeria. Generate your Vnin

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) launched the VNIN feature in Nigeria on the 1st of October, 2022, as part of its Mobile Web Services platform, to provide a more secure and convenient way for Nigerians to verify their identities. The Virtual National Identity Number (VNIN) is a 16-digit set of alphanumeric characters that can […]

How First Bank Nigeria Open Accounts for Customers Easily using Verified.africa

First Bank Nigeria open accounts

Africa’s pioneer bank, First Bank of Nigeria, wanted to expand its customer acquisition services beyond the office. To open accounts outside the bank, First Bank of Nigeria would need to empower agents to carry out customer registration with full KYC compliance.   First Bank of Nigeria is a multinational bank and financial services company in […]

Verified.africa Introduces Address Verification Service for Nigeria

Address Verification Nigeria

The Verified.africa team is committed to bringing you closer to your customers by providing a seamless verification process. In light of this, we’re excited to launch our address verification service for Nigeria to enable you to verify the residency of your customers easily.   All You Need to Know About Our Address Verification Service   […]

Ingressive Hackfest 2022: Verified’s API Takes Centre Stage

On the 12th of November, 2022, Verified.africa sponsored ‘Ingressive For Good’s Annual Hackfest event. This year’s theme was; No Techies Left Behind.  At Verified.africa, we enable businesses to confirm their customers’ identities, eliminating e-fraud and identity theft. We also believe that every individual has a right to access equal opportunities regardless of background. This is […]